Bespoke Pools

Perth’s custom pool specialists

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we believe the pool is the heart of a backyard — especially with our warm Perth climate.

That being said, a pool should seamlessly connect with your home and not appear as a stand-alone eyesore in the middle of your yard. This is why clever design solutions are vital. De Vries Pools are experts in bespoke swimming pools, particularly the design and implementation of above ground pools.

Our landscape designer will collaborate with you to custom design and tailor a pool suited to your lifestyle and outdoor requirements.


+ Council approval

+ Excavation

+ Concrete shell

+ Internal finishing

+ Equipment – filtration and heating

+ Handover and maintenance

What do you need consider?

Our team can offer expert advice on all aspects of your pool.

Where is the best place to position the pool in your space? Would you like something private, or would you rather the pool be a social space or focal point in the backyard?

What will be your main use for the pool? Do you need a long, narrow pool to swim laps in? Or a more open space where the kids can splash around? Perhaps a plunge to sit in while sipping a cocktail with friends?

Do you want the pool to have a consistent depth, or would you prefer a slope from shallow to deep? If children are going to use the pool, would you like to incorporate a ledge or wider steps?

What colour tiling or fibreglass would best suite your outdoor aesthetics? Should it blend in with the landscaping or be a bold statement?

What kind of fencing best suits your needs? What style will compliment your garden most?

+ Removes the need for fencing, as the pool can act in isolation

+ Acts as a point of reference and line of sight which is visually appealing

+ Can be utilised for retaining

+ Creates a destination within the garden

+ Placement of plants between the pool and alfresco area creates the illusion of no isolation fencing

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